My educational philosophy – Teaching 2.0:

It is my aim to prepare students for success in a competitive global community in which both skills and content knowledge, along with an understanding of the similarities and differences of people across cultural, religious, and ethnic boundaries are needed to succeed as a global citizen.

An education in economics and history foster understanding among successful students of the complex relationships between individuals, firms, governments and nations in our increasingly global society.I strive to educate every student in my class, helping them achieve a level of competence and solid understanding of the basic principles of the subject I teach, be it Economics or History. To achieve this end, I employ teaching methods ranging from direct instruction, group activities, individual and paired practice, research and presentations, debate, discussion, and role-play, among others.

Technology lies at the heart of much of my educational technique. From digital Smartboard lessons for every economics unit, to the integration of laptops into a typical class period, to the online learning environment offered to students by the resources below, technology is a powerful tool to enhance student learning and collaboration, communication, and understanding among students, teachers, and the outside world, building in students both the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed as global citizens in a world ever increasingly connected through advanced web-based technologies.

Here’s an article written about my EduBlog Award winning wiki, “Welker’s Wikinomics” on PBS Learning Now

My Use of Technology in Education:

The following are sites that I have created or helped create to advance student and teacher competency in the skills and content related to my subject matter.

Best Wiki

  • “Welker’s Wikinomics – the Wiki” – A collaborative, student created online learning community meant to enhance the learning SAS economics students.

  • “Welker’s Wikinomice – the Universe” – A website dedicated to connecting economics students and teachers with news, blogs, podcasts, and one another using RSS aggregator technology.

  • “U Tech Tips – technology tips for educators” – a blog I write for regularly to share with other teachers advice and insights on the use of technology in the classroom.

  • The Digital SMARTboard in Economics – I have designed lesson plans for every unit in the AP Micro and Macroeconomics courses using the Digital Smartboard’s “SMART Notebook” software. These lessons can be viewed downloaded and viewed at: