Learning 2.008

Learning the Wiki Way

Blogging in the High School Classroom

EARCOS Teachers Conference

  • AP Summer Institute in EconomicsJune 24-26, 2008. Bellevue, Washington. Guest-prese ntation on blogging in AP Economics
  • Shanghai American School Professional Development Day. February 3-4, 2008

Wikis and blogs are interactive tools available to educators that foster communication and collaboration between students. Wikis present an

alternative to a classwebsite, a substitute for pen and paper homework assignments, and a student-created online study guide and forum for communication. Blogs present teachers with a means of connecting students to one another and to current events related to their subject that they may not have time to discuss adequately during class.

The two workshops above, which I have given to teachers from Shanghai American School and many other schools in the EARCOS region, aim to introduce teachers to ideas and techniques for embedding Web 2.0 technologies into their classrooms. The purpose of using interactive, collaborative technologies is to enhance student understanding and achievement in various content areas. While the workshops will demonstrate how blogs and wikis have been used in my Economics classes, the concepts covered are applicable to teachers of any subjects across all grade levels.